we don't need the english. (ledisc0) wrote in d_o_l_l,
we don't need the english.

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By the people.

Now that this community has scrounged a few members I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Bryan Lopez, I am 16 years old, I am currently located in the god forsaken San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I am a fairly nice person, or I try to be, but sometimes sarcasm takes over and I find myself on automatic. My music taste ranges from 60's modernism and proto-punk, anything in the spectrum of post-punk (i.e. new wave, industrial, death disco), indie, hardcore, 77 style punk and beyond that noise rock and no wave. I'd like for everyone to introduce themselves, and get acclimated to each other. Through great music we are united. This community belongs to its members, any help with banners, icons, LJ design, or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Your mod,
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