we don't need the english. (ledisc0) wrote in d_o_l_l,
we don't need the english.

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With my accumulated boredom, I noticed that livejournal does not have a Division of Laura Lee community. With that very same boredom I made this community, for the few or plentiful fans of DOLL.
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That's what I noticed, too.

I will gladly join!
thank you, it's greatly appreciated. So happy my 45 minutes of tweaking this LJ has attracted members.
thats very kind of you, may i be apart of this fun action? :)
without question. be merry join! speak of DOLL or any related bands. :)

Pdot Sdot: I like your eye.
hey Im this_old_show's sister and since we like the same music, can i join too?