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Bad news!

Bad news, folks.

DOLL had to cancel their U.S. and Canadian tourdates that were to begin at the end of this month.

This is what Jonas posted on the official site and on the message board:

"Life´s not fair.

Division of Laura Lee will not tour North America at this point. All our shows together with Rye Coalition and Your Enemies Friends are cancelled. What´s our motive, you might ask. The answer is, of course, financial difficulties. In other words, suddenly there´s no money.

According to a certain record-company, there´s no chance in hell they´ll lend us the amount of money we need to cover the costs (van-rental, plane-tickets and so on...). They probably couldn´t afford to send us to Denmark. Apparently there´s better (or maybe worse) things to support than DOLL.

There´s no way we could pay for it ourselves, our last thousand-dollar-bill was spent on the London-show with The Soundtrack Of Our Lives last tuesday. Man, a 1000 bucks wouldn´t get us half the way across the atlantic ocean.

Together with our management, we´ve been trying desperatly to figure something out, but on such short notice it´s hopeless. We feel terribly bad about this whole mess, it´s not a good move to cancel two(!!!!) American tours in three months time, it´s a disaster. Belive me, I´m broke and unemployed, I want to tour. We all do.

As soon as these issues are sorted out we´ll return to the U.S. and Canada. There´s no way we´re giving up on you. We´ve got a great album to support and great friends to make. Hopefully it won´t take long, but with this business you can´t really tell... In the meantime, keep your ears open, we´ll try to stay creative.

I read somewhere that Bill Gates earns about 15 hundred dollars every second. I´m not the one to judge whether he´s worth it or not, but let me tell you, we could sure use a minute or two of his time right now...

Keep in touch

Yours truly

Jonas, divisionoflauralee."

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